Mikron is both the name of the project and the name of the cryptocurrency that it uses. It’s a ready to be deployed solution for webpages, online stores and online communities in order to facilitate audience engagement and make people stick to the community by rewarding them. Below we have collected a few frequently asked questions about Mikron, so you don’t have to ask or search for too long. If you feel like you did not get a proper answer, please feel free to contact us at our discord server or at info@mikron.io

Most importantly, we offer a ready to go product with certain amounts of Mikrons. We also provide the technical and advisory expertise, plus any help that a partner might need for integrating Mikron. Thanks to blockchain, there’s no need for maintenance, there is no downtime and it’s really time-, cost and energy efficient business solution for the partners.

No, Mikron is not a mineable cryptocurrency but you can still make some money with it. Mikron uses delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus model, meaning by running the wallet (which also acts as a node) you can receive Mikron rewards for maintaining the network. The exact amount of rewards and criteria are coming soon!

All you need is an average PC with internet connection, a Mikron wallet, a Mikron account and a certain amount of Mikrons. There is no need for graphics card, rigs, ASIC mining machine and it’s really energy-efficient. Details about staking mechanism, reward and requirements coming soon!

Coming soon!

Yes, that would be a great addition to the Mikron ecosystem. We planned on developing one in H1 of 2019.

We are working on a blockchain explorer site for mikron.io. It will be released very soon!

The aim of Mikron project is to serve its partners, thus we needed the instant, fast and free low amount transactions to go smoothly. NANO was the perfect choice for that. Mikron is uniquely developed to serve the purposes of our product and there’s no connection to the NANO blockchain anymore.

Primarily, Mikron is a service. For this service to function smoothly in the future, we need the Central Pool to supply our partners and facilitate the ecosystem.

You can purchase a few during the ICO, starting on 1st of December. You can also receive Mikrons by doing certain activities on our partners' site (e.g.: making a comment). Besides, you can run a node (essentially the wallet software) and be rewarded with Mikrons. It’s called staking, details are coming soon.

Right now, Windows and Linux are supported.

NANO is an open source cryptocurrency that we have chosen because it's architecture is perfectly aligned with the product we wanted to develop. NANO's focus is on instant and feeless transactions even with really small amounts, which is widely important part of Mikron

The most notable differences to Nano are the following:
Continuous generation - in Mikron the available supply is continuously growing
Different balance representation. Mikron uses 64-bit values for balance, which is less than in Nano. This representation size is more implementation-friendly (i.e., no extra libraries needed), while still offering a large enough range and resolution.
Block creation times. In Mikron each block contains block creation times; this is missing in Nano. Hash-protected creation times ensures reliable history tracking.
For further technical details please see our Technical Paper

The Mikron loyalty program is very flexible and fully customizable: partners can choose to store data straight on the Mikron blockchain without using virtual accounts. Using virtual accounts are applicable when certain loyalty points, scores or credits were issued beforehand on the website and the partner now wants to make a switch to Mikron

The virtual accounts that the partners use practically don't have a private key: once you transfer your Mikrons to the Mikron software wallet, you are in control of your private key.

Please join our Discord server."or write us to info@mikron.io

Take a look at the Mikron product on the website and register now! If you have any questions, please feel to ask it in the international section of our discord server.