Community building with a cryptocurrency

Do you want to build up an online community but you don't know where to start?

We have a solution for you

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A loyalty program designed to be one step ahead of your competition

What's cryptocurrencies?
What's blockchain?
Why are they beneficial?
How does it improve communities?

We explain

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Our exclusive offer, only during the Marketing Expo Budapest
With only one Expo coupon, you can try out Mikron completely free: you will receive 30 EURs worth of Mikrons for free!



We are proud to present you Mikron, a blockchain solution that is designed to be your most effective tool in building up your community, setting up a loyalty program and establishing a micro-donation system for your customers, clients and creators.

The Mikron ecosystem was developed by unifying these three different fields into one blockchain solution.

With an easy-to-integrate product and a hands-on approach, we provide long unaddressed solutions to our partners.

Our most recent partners:

These partners have already successfully implemented the Mikron into their lively communities.

Use cases

Community building

Building up and maintaining an online audience or community is very hard in itself. Creating quality content is not sufficient nowadays, you also have to accommodate and engage the community. Mikron was born to address this. With Mikron, you gain the ability to reward active members of your community, honor them with a cryptocurrency, award great user content, whether it be a comment, a review or a blog post.

Loyalty program

Setting up effective loyalty programs used to take a lot of time, resources and development. Not anymore. With a blockchain solution, Mikron provides a convenient, functional and easy to implement a loyalty program for both of your online and offline needs.

Rewarding talent

“How do I make money off of that?” It’s a problem that all content creators have to face. All of the bigger creative platforms are oversaturated, thus it’s very hard to be noticed and make enough money. With Mikron’s micro-donation system, we give you the ability to instantly reimburse a piece of work that you really like.


1. Mikron uses its own blockchain

We have developed our own system, Mikron is not based on any existing platform. This ensures that we stay independent, our partners and users remain safe and sound. Our engineers are working hard in order to build a stable, reliable decentralized ecosystem for Mikron.

2. Mikron used to be a mineable cryptocurrency

The very first versions of Mikron were using proof-of-work protocol. Since proof-of- stake protocols offer a more secure and environmentally friendly solution, thus we have decided to change ways.

3. Mikron is built upon the technology of NANO.

NANO is a proved and popular blockchain project providing fast micropayments. Mikron has safely and securely forked from NANO and is being further developed in accordance with our own vision.

4. We have 10 years of experience in online community building

The idea of Mikron has not popped out of thin air. We were dealing with both the hardships and the happy moments of community building for ten years. Based on our experiences, we have put our effort best into Mikron. We have successfully grown it into an effective and easy blockchain solution for the benefit of potentially every online community out there.